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WritingCompanionCoverYour Writing Companion
contains advice and strategies from all 6 books. Discover the practicality and quality of these writing guides while learning great strategies for writing powerfully.

  • 8 Days of instruction from 300 Days of Better Writing
  • 1 Essential chapter from Zen Comma
  • 5 Impact strategies from Bang! Writing with Impact
  • 1 Full chapter from Precise Edit Training Manual
  • 2 Commonly confused word pairs from Which Word Do I Use?
  • 1 Critical section on main verbs from Concise Guide to Technical and Academic Writing
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Concise Guide to Technical and Academic Writing

conciseprint.coverTechnical and academic writing share one thing in common: they present focused information to a targeted audience to accomplish a specific purpose. Technical and academic writing can be, and need to be, good writing. By presenting the principles of good writing, strategies for clear technical and academic writing, and essentials of writing mechanics, this concise guide shows you how to write well.

“In thirty-plus years of teaching English, ten of them at the college level, I’ve never seen a clearer, more focused presentation of the basic concepts needed to produce readable writing. When I taught freshman composition at a state university, the assigned English text contained 894 pages, not counting a glossary and index.  I wish I’d had David Bowman’s Concise Guide to Academic and Technical Writing instead.

In just 124 pages, David Bowman succeeds in packing all the grammatical and structural information a writer of technical or academic texts needs to produce a workmanlike product. Not a word is wasted on irrelevancies; only the information needed to write objective, coherent, uncluttered informational prose is included.” —Maeve Maddox, Ph.D., the American English Doctor, educator, and author

“For a PhD candidate and a novice to academic writing like myself this guide was extremely useful. The sections on knowing your reader and style, and the advice for direct and concise writing were particularly useful. I would recommend this to anyone commencing a higher degree!” —Deme

“In this guide, Bowman provides those of us who write for academic audiences a cogent, effective guide to good, clear writing. He offers a straightforward guide to achieving the goal of the book, which, he says, is to help readers to write well (2). Where other guides might overwhelm writers with detail, Bowman’s, which checks in at 75 pages total, spares unnecessary discussion and illustrates convincingly why certain principles are necessary for effective writing.” —D. Bunn Jr., PhD student, Fuller Theological Seminary (Amazon review)
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300 Days of Better Writing

300 strategies for improving your writing. These powerful, easy-to-use strategies will help you write clearly, effectively, and correctly. This book answers the question: “How can I improve my writing today?” Also contains a topic index so you can study major themes.

Buy the hardcopy (U.S. only) or PDF version and receive a FREE copy of Precise Edit Training Manual!

“…300 Days of Better Writing is a choice pick.” —Midwest Book Review

Big words and concepts don’t seem nearly as intimidating when broken down into bite-sized chunks and delivered with accuracy and clarity. If you want your writing to grow as you write and learn, this is the book that will carefully lead you, day by day, to improved writing. —John UpChurch, Amazon reviewer

300 Days of Better Writing contains writing strategies from our popular Writing Tips for a Year series.
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$13.95, U.S. only, 262 pages, 6″ x 9″, perfect bound, includes free PDF of the Precise Edit Training Manual . Use coupon code better300 to receive free shipping. 
$9.95, 191 full-size pages, includes free copy of the Precise Edit Training Manual PDF 
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Which Word Do I Use?

A quickie guide to the most confusing word pairs
If you master these 33 confusing word pairs, you will solve most word usage problems. This book does not contain one-sentence definitions. Instead, you get definitions (can’t get around that), explanations, guidance on using the words, and examples with discussion. The point is this: You will learn to use these words so you don’t have to look them up, and so you can be confident about your writing.
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Essential Writing Skills Series

Are you looking for writing instruction that focuses on your specific needs? In this book series you can select the ebook that’s right for you. Each book focuses on one or two essential topics to help you improve your writing.

Perfect Paragraphs and Super Sentences Strategies for Concise Writing Common Sense Guide to Grammar and Punctuation
$2.99, 28 full-size pages
$2.99, 29 full-size pages
$2.99, 29 full-size pages
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Precise Edit Training Manual

trainingmanualcoverThe Precise Edit Training Manual provides comprehensive instruction on the 29 most common editing strategies we use and problems we fix. Each topic is fully explained with examples and strategies for editing.

Chapters fall under two categories: Articles on Writing Well (Editing) and Articles on Writing Correctly (Mechanics).

To learn more about the Precise Edit Training Manual, and to read descriptions of the articles, please click here.
$5.95, 64 full-size pages, free with purchase of 300 Days of Better Writing hardcopy or PDF
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Good advice that many writers should read. —W.W.

I’ve been looking for a good book/ document that deals with common writing problems, and I’m glad to say I’ve found it in your training manual.—Aaron Ng

Bang! Writing with Impact

BANGcoverBANG! is THE guide for writing with impact. Don’t waste your time on books that spend pages and pages on how people have used strategies, the history of writing, or similar meaningless information. Bang! is for people who have work to do.

This book tells you how to do exactly what you are trying to do: make your readers pay attention. Bang! contains over 100 strategies for making an impact with your writing. Each strategy is explained in real terms and demonstrated through examples.

How do you want your reader to respond to what you write? How can you get that response? This book shows you how.
$4.95, 51 full-size pages
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